[Construction of document management system]

Purpose of construction

  • Increase the speed of approval and approval
  • From paper management to electronic document management
  • Mail distribution: Automatic distribution to the author
  • Purpose of sharing internal information (common documents, process instructions, work standards, etc.)

QMS / Document Management System

[What is QMS / Document Management System? ]

  • A document management system that can be used from a Web browser.
  • Registered document files are automatically converted to PDF files.
  • If you have a PDF reader, you can view document files.
  • We also support customization to meet customer needs.


Details of QMS / Document Management System

[System overview]

QMS / Document Management System
  • Expiration date management of electronic documents (prevention of death and reserves)
  • Approval: draft -> pass or reject -> revision -> discard
  • Mail distribution: Automatic distribution to the author
  • Security function: Windows Active Directory function
  • Administrator function: employee master, approval pattern master, department master

For details, see the developer site.

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