We have been engaged in the production of anodes for tantalum capacitors since our foundation in 1960. In tantalum capacitors, pellets that serve as anodes are the most important constituents. Their production technology involves molding powders at a certain density and sintering them. Processing powders at low density, especially at a certain specified density, requires highly specialized technical skills.

In both research and production, we will try to meet the needs of customers in the belief that careful analysis, bold ideas and ceaseless pursuit will bear tangible fruits.
Despite being a small business, we plan to continue to grow based on our belief in learning from customers.

Teruo Takemura President
Teruo Takemura


Compliance Action Guidelines

We have a high sense of ethics and a wealth of social common sense, and we always carry out corporate activities with good sense by thoroughly complying with laws and regulations and respecting social norms .

  1. To gain the trust of customers, business partners, shareholders, and society
  2. To maintain employee trust
  3. To protect the global environment and maintain a healthy work environment
  4. For the company to survive and develop in the future


Company Profile

company name
Representative Representative Director Teruo Takemura
number of employees 72
Business description Design and manufacture tantalum capacitor anode element production / development production facilities in-house
Establishment October 1, 1960
Capital 96.9 million yen
Office Head office factory -5-30-1 Kumegawacho, Higashimurayama, Tokyo
Kokubunji Laboratory -1-11-10 Minamimachi, Kokubunji, Tokyo
Suppliers Major electronic equipment manufacturers
Member organizations New Technology Association, Vacuum Society, Electrochemical Society, Powder Engineering Society (in alphabetical order)



1960 PURE MATERIAL LABORATORY Limited Company established with capital of 700,000 yen
1967 World's first continuous vacuum incinerator (8F) operation
1970 Factory construction in Higashimurayama
1978 Started production of PEC miniature capacitors
1979 Started trial production of square pellets
1984 Monthly production of 30 million units, monthly sales of 100 million yen achieved
1987 Achieved 40 million units per month
1991 Achieved 80 million units per month and increased capital to 57 million yen
1995 Achieved 100 million monthly production and started operations at Kumegawa Factory and Aizu Factory
2000 Achieved 300 million monthly production, expanded headquarters factory, absorbed Sun Eye Industry Co., Ltd.
2004 Acquired ISO14001 certification, Kokubunji factory expanded, Kumegawa factory and Aizu factory integrated into head office factory
2012 Obtained ISO9001 certification


5-30-1, Kumegawacho, Higashimurayama Shi, Tokyo, 189-0003, Japan