[Environmental conservation activities]

Environmental Policy

Environmental Philosophy

Based on our management policy of "contributing to the realization of a rich cultural life," we declare that we will strive to improve the global environment, which is the common property of mankind, through the improvement of science and technology, and hereby set forth our action guidelines for contributing to the environment through our business activities.

Action Guidelines

  1. Our company's main business is to manufacture products that make effective use of the inherent physical properties of materials, and we understand and recognize the environmental impact of our business activities and regard environmental protection and pollution prevention as one of the most important management issues.
  2. We will strive to reduce the burden on the environment through effective use of global resources and energy conservation.
  3. We will maintain an environmental management system and strive to continuously improve it and prevent pollution.
  4. Comply with laws, regulations, and other requirements related to the environment.
  5. In order to promote activities, environmental objectives and targets are set and promoted.
    They will also be periodically reviewed.

Scope of application of the environmental management system

Applies to all environmental aspects related to tantalum sintering design and manufacturing activities, products and services.


Basic attitude to the environment

Our High Purity Materials Research Institute has established an environmental policy based on our management policy and has pledged to aim for an environmentally friendly establishment. To that end, we have established an environmental management system that enables continuous development.
We started environmental conservation activities in October 2003 and acquired ISO 14001 certification in March 2004.

In addition to complying with environmental regulations related to the products themselves, such as the RoHS Directive and REACH, the basic stance is to consider the environment in the process of creating products.


Environmental conservation initiatives

Environmental purpose

Reduce power consumption
Production equipment such as molding machines and vacuum sintering furnaces use a lot of energy. Efforts are made to operate efficiently and reduce the amount of electricity used.
Waste reduction
Items that can be used as resources, such as cardboard, copy paper, and envelopes, are recycled. The package that contains the product is also reused.
Reduce organic solvent emissions to the atmosphere
Some organic solvents are used in the manufacturing process. The solvent is recovered and reused, but the amount that cannot be recovered is discharged to the atmosphere. Efforts are made to increase the recovery rate and reduce emissions as much as possible.


We will continue to promote zero-emission initiatives through thorough internal waste management, including the selection of waste disposal companies.
In addition, with the aim of achieving an EMS that is more fruitful than a document, it has always been conscious of on-site work to review and operate the system so that employees are highly motivated to protect the environment. We want to.


-Environmental conservation activity report-

We are cooperating with the promotion of the Eco-Cap Campaign.


Management of chemical substances

Management and education of chemical substances

Management and education of chemical substances

Persons who always work with chemical substances are educated and trained to acquire appropriate knowledge about chemical substances and daily management methods, and try to prevent environmental pollution caused by chemical substances. The


Prohibition of use of hazardous substances

Prohibition of use of hazardous substances

Since its founding, the High Purity Materials Laboratory, which manufactures tantalum capacitor anode elements, has been making 100% tantalum anode elements using high-purity tantalum powder. In the manufacturing process, no chemical substances prohibited by the Chemical Substances Control Law No. 1 or 2 or RoHS directives are used.



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