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What is a tantalum capacitor?

A capacitor is a component that temporarily stores electricity. It is important how much electricity can be stored in the capacitor. Therefore, capacitors that use tantalum, which has very good characteristics in terms of storing electricity, are used.


  • PC, mobile phone
  • Video games,
  • Digital camera, car navigation system
  • Digital video, DVD, etc.

Examples of using tantalum capacitors

Examples of using tantalum capacitors


Tantalum capacitor anode element (pellet)

The tantalum capacitor anode element is the "element" that becomes the electrode in the tantalum capacitor, and is the most important part. PML produces tantalum capacitor anode elements.

Tantalum capacitor anode element



[Origin and history]

Tantalum is a substance extracted from ore. This ore also contains a substance called niobium. Founded in 1743 and nearly 70 years later, a Swedish scholar named it "tantalum". The scholar named him "tantalum" because he was frustrated to separate the elements of tantalum. ("I'm frustrated" is called "tantalum" in Greek.)


It is a metal with excellent chemical resistance and heat resistance, and has good chemical stability and corrosion resistance. It produces the most stable anodic oxide film among all metals. It is high and resistant to chemicals, so it is used not only for capacitors but also for medical products (such as bone grafting materials).


Element symbol: Ta Density: 16.6
Atomic number: 73 Atomic weight: 180.95


Comparison of main capacitors

Item type Tantalum solid electrolytic capacitor Aluminum electrolytic capacitor Ceramic capacitor Film capacitor
Tantalum pentoxide Aluminum trioxide Titanium oxide, titanate barium etc. Plastic film
Compact and large capacity
semi-permanent life
performance is relatively good
Large capacity and low cost Small
low ERS
with good low cost
Polar Limited life
Large capacity change due to temperature and DC voltage Relatively large shape
Low heat resistance
Vulnerable to chemicals
Application Mobile phone, personal computer, digital camera, video movie, DVD recorder, etc.
PC, audio equipment, etc. Mobile phone, personal computer, digital camera, video movie, DVD recorder, etc. Audio circuit etc.


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